Welcome to SIREgiving

Welcome to SIREgiving – the site that aims to assist Individual Donors in making informed choices about charitable giving! Americans donated an astonishing $280 Billion in 2005, nearly 87% of which came from individual donors!

At this site you can donate to organizations that support causes of your choice on a local or global basis. You can join forums to share information about the giving experience with other donors. You also have the opportunity of donating in any form such as cash, bequests, art, real estate and stocks and bonds. You can learn about the benefits of planned giving in financial and estate planning and receive assistance in setting up a planned giving program suitable for your own investment goals. Lastly, you can review useful information about the social impact and tax benefits of the giving process and the difference a donation can make.

SIREgiving is sponsored by The Foundation for Understanding and Enhancement (FUNEN), a non-profit Community Foundation dedicated to increasing the size and impact of social investment by supporting innovative approaches to finance and manage social enterprises. In addition to donating to your favorite charities you can also donate to FUNEN’s social investment programs.

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